Coppice: Get Involved

Gardening Group

Are you interested in getting involved in a community gardening project in Sale? Why not join the Gardening Group at the library who tend to the outdoor areas and work on projects. Whether you are already green fingered, or want to start a new activity for your wellbeing, you are welcome. No prior experience is needed, just a willingness to get involved and learn.

There is lots of research that shows that being in nature and making a difference is good for our mental health. This benefit increases when we garden with other people.

Woodland project

The group are currently working on a project to regenerate the woodland area next to our carpark so it can be used for group mindfulness sessions and other activities.

Wildflower Meadow

The Group are also currently working on regenerating the wildflower area at the front of the library with educational signage, borders and fencing.

For more information

To ensure that someone can greet you on your first visit, please text: 07354650571, or email: to let us know you will be joining.

Spring Preparations at Coppice (April 23)

As there are over 30 trees in the gardens, there are a lot of leaves. We have built an area to compost the all the fallen leaves into leaf mould, which we will use to enrich the soil and mulch our shrubs. Meanwhile onion planting was underway in the enclosed garden with four varieties planted. We have been continuing with our routine tasks such as litter picking, weeding and tools maintenance. 

John & Susie building the leaf mould bin.

Colin & Nell planting onion sets.