Health & Safety

Health & Safety

All aspects of Health and Safety are taken very seriously within the Bluesci service. This includes the Health and Safety of staff, volunteers and individuals accessing the service within the various venues. 

Bluesci has a dedicated Health and Safety representatives in each of the centres that will ensure all Health and Safety requirements are met and monitored within the Wellbeing Centres. It is the responsibility of the staff/ volunteers to ensure they are aware of the Health & Safety specifications of the venues being used, and that H&S risk assessments are adhered to 

All staff are responsible for reporting any issues of concern to service managers / leads and subsequent governance meetings e.g. Health & Safety Meetings, Operational meetings, Business Meetings. 



Bluesci Centres remain open providing mental health and wellbeing support. This is achieved through implementing a constantly reviewed risk assessed safe access approach. Each centre is individually assessed.

Covid-19 transmission is managed by social distancing, physical barriers, hygiene and restricting and monitoring access to the building.  Bluesci follow a hierarchy of controls for Covid-19  taking into account that official regulations and guidance is constantly being reviewed and updated.

All Staff, Partners, Volunteers and Groups are given advice on Covid Safe working. Contact the individual centre to find out more.