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Sports & Exercise at Old Trafford Wellbeing Centre

We all know that being physically active is good for our bodies. But our physical health and mental health are closely linked – so physical activity can be very beneficial for our mental health and wellbeing too. Lots of us don’t get enough exercise to stay healthy, but physical activity is particularly important if you wish to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Mental health benefits 
• Reduced anxiety and happier moods. When you exercise, your brain chemistry changes through the release of endorphins (sometimes called ‘feel good’ hormones), which can calm anxiety and lift your mood. 

• Reduced feelings of stress. You may experience reductions in feelings of stress and tension as your body is better able to control cortisol levels. 

• Clearer thinking. Some people find that exercise helps to break up racing thoughts. As your body tires so does your mind, leaving you calmer and better able to think clearly.

• A greater sense of calm. Simply taking time out to exercise can give you space to think things over and help your mind feel calmer. • Increased self-esteem. When you start to see your fitness levels increase and your body improve, it can give your self-esteem a big boost. The sense of achievement you get from learning new skills and achieving your goals can also help you feel better about yourself and lift your mood. Improved self-esteem also has a protective effect that increases life satisfaction and can make you more resilient to feeling stressed. 

• Reduced risk of depression. If you’re more active there’s good evidence to suggest that at most ages, for both men and women, there’s a trend towards lower rates of depression. In fact one study has found that by increasing your activity levels from doing nothing to exercising at least three times a week, you can reduce your risk of depression by almost 20%.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Mind 2015

Activities regularly taking place include:

Old Trafford:
Wellbeing Walks

Check the What’s On for the latest list of activities this is constantly changing as groups are beginning to return.

If you would like to set up a new sports/ exercise group please get in touch we can help

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