Guiding Principals

Guiding Principles

The service recognises that good Mental Health and Wellbeing are an integral part of every bodies life and that everyday things can improve our mental health, wellbeing, levels of happiness and life satisfaction.

Philosophy and model

Bluesci Staff, Volunteers and Users of the service will work collaboratively to ensure a dynamic service delivery. Bluesci believe that individuals who have experienced mental health problems and/or services can contribute a wealth of knowledge and experience to its service development.

The role of the Staff in the journey of Recovery for individuals is that of companion or fellow traveller rather than an expert. Through self-management staff will support individuals to influence the way they want to live their lives. This does not mean abdicating responsibility or abandoning people but working in partnership with them to find a way of working that fully respects and builds on individual perspectives of wellness and self management.

Working with users of the service, alongside partners, the service provides a ‘brokerage’ approach that enables people to achieve their aspirations through a range of creative opportunities including; music and arts, volunteering opportunities, education and training related activities linked to mainstream life domains.

Vision and values

Trafford Residents can expect a service that:

    • Treats all people with respect and empathy
    • Promotes positive risk taking whilst maintaining health and safety at all times
    • Provides sufficient information to enable individuals to make informed choices
    • Works with individuals in the process of identifying skills, interests and achievable aspirations
    • Creates an environment that is one of opportunity to achieve
    • Ensures that all religious, spiritual, physical and cultural needs are taken into account
    • Is accessible for people with disabilities
    • Has access to independent advice and support
    • Will actively seek individuals ideas, views and opinions to improve service delivery
    • Ensures individuals are able to make a complaint without fear of retribution
    • Provides opportunities for people to come together

The service aims to:

    • Promote learning and personal growth whilst utilising people’s creativity and drive. Offering a flexible service with choice therefore combating the practical and emotional difficulties people may face when accessing opportunities.
    • Support social inclusion in accordance to the life recovery approach and assist people to recognise their potential by drawing on their experiences and skills.
    • Challenge the stigma of mental ill health and raise the profile of people’s abilities.
    • Promote a commitment to anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice which will be judged by what wedo and what we say.
    • Promote a healthy work place by adhering to Colleague ‘be kind to yourself’ work place charter
      • Low Intensity Psychological Interventions improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)
      • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
      • Counselling
      • Mindfulness
      • Compassionate Mind Awareness
      • Motivational and life-coaching techniques
      • Confidence building
      • Psycho-education