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About the service

The Community Menopause Service aims to support and empower women to get the right information, advice, guidance and support to make informed choices about their menopause experience.

The focus for the service is to ensure women can get help and support locally and in an easy accessible way. Through our four Trafford wellbeing centre’ Menopause Hubs, online groups, email, telephone, one-to-one support face-to-face.

We continue to deliver a Trafford wide menopause training program to raise awareness of Menopause and mental, physical, social wellbeing. Encouraging services to sign up to our Pledge (add in link to pledge) to embed menopause in all front-line services, organisations and professions.

We strive to so ensure that Menopause and its impact on women becomes an open conversation in household, schools & work places. For front line staff to feel comfortable having a conversations with women about menopasue & share Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) with women when they come into contact with their service, making this the norm. De-mystify menopause and challenging misinformation.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Community Menopause Service please contact: Alicia Clare RMN, Menopause Practitioner

Mobile: 07863344051


Contact staff

Alicia Clare Menopause Practitioner 

Mobile: 07863344051

Diane Webb Menopause Practitioner  


Sign your Organisation / Service up to the Menopause Pledge

For more information about the Menopause Pledge and support to introduce it into your organisation / service please contact Alicia Clare Menopause Practitioner or mobile: 07863344051  

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Useful Resources

Menopause Doctor Louise Newson

Primary Care Women’s Health Forum:

British Menopause Society:

NICE Menopause Guidelines:


Menopause in the Workplace Links:-

New menopause and the workplace guidance and model workplace policy (18 Oct 2019)

Why companies should be supporting employees going through the menopause (18 Oct 2019)

Protecting staff and preventing ill health – taking a targeted approach: menopause in the workplace (10 Oct 2019)

Menopausal women ‘should get flexible work hours’ – BBC News (21 Sep 2019)

Menopause and the workplace – PDF (British menopause Society publication – Feb 2019)

Information for employers – dealing with health problems in the workplace: advice on the menopause (2016)daisynetwork


Reading List for Menopause


Menopause Manual by Dr Louise Newson


The Good Menopause Guide by Liz Earle


Atomic Habits Tiny changes, Remarkable Results by James Clear


Volunteer with Menopause Service

As a Menopause peer support volunteer, you will receive training and access to a range of resources to support and empower women to get the right information, advice, guidance and support to make informed choices about their menopause experience.

If you are interested in volunteering within the menopause service, please contact Alicia Clare or Mobile: 07863344051


Training for frontline staff, services & organsiations

To enquire about menopause training for your organization please contact Alicia Clare Menopause Practitioner or Mobile: 07863344051


How to talk to your GP & other Professionals about Menopause

A helpful guide to help women navigate services and prepare and carefully consider the things you want to Ask about, you want Assistance with, and/or you want support to Action

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