Wellfare Rights Service

Bluesci Mental Health Welfare Rights Service  provides a “one stop” benefits advice and support service for  individuals needing to navigate the complex benefits and welfare system.

This includes completing applications, navigating and engaging with services around an individual’s benefits, and supporting/ attending with clients to appeals and assessment appointments. The service is a resource for Social Prescribers, Wellbeing Practitioners, Mental Health practitioners Trafford Housing Welfare Support Team and Trafford Hubs.

To refer someone to this serve click the “make a referral button” and submit the completed online form.

For more information or if you have any queries please contact Mike Croft Bluesci MH Welfare Rights Worker

Mobile 07445 817485

Email: mike@bluesci.org.uk



Training Workshops

We have developed a welfare rights training workshop for community organisations. This will skill up and capacity build front-line workers and community organisations around the benefits system in the context of mental health distress and how they can assist identifying where people may be missing out on financial support they are entitled to. The focus is on the following benefits and processes; Welfare Benefits Mandatory Reconsideration, Work Capability Assessment, ESA/ Universal Credit, Direct Payments, PIP and Appeals and housing benefit.

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This service has been made possible through grant support by Trafford Housing Trust