The Bread and Butter Thing is at Broomwood Wellbeing Centre every Wednesday afternoon, providing weekly groceries at a low price.

They get supplies from the stuff you hear about in the news going to waste – perfectly good food that just isn’t needed by supermarkets, factories or farms.

This means that you don’t get a choice about what you are given – but you do get three bags of shopping (one fresh fruit and veg, one fridge goods, one store-cupboard goods) for £7. You can also get a larger or smaller order to suit your household.

You don’t have to take food every week – and if you’re not sure if it’s for you, you can sign up and get your first order for free just to try it out. The scheme is open to anyone, from any area (but if you’re a long way from us, you can call 07545208264 to check if there’s a TBBT hub nearer to you).

How to sign up to The Bread and Butter Thing

Step 1 – Send a text to 07860 063 256 with your full name, your postcode and the hub name (Broomwood Wellbeing Centre). If you want a vegetarian order, add “vegetarian” to the end of your text.  

Step 2 – TBBT will send you a text every Saturday to see if you want an order on the following Monday. Reply “YES” to the text by 10:00 AM Sunday, and say which size of order you would like:

  • Single (one bag, £4)
  • Family (three bags, £7.50)
  • Extra Large (six bags, £15)