Coppice: Open+ is here!

Open+ is here at Coppice Library and Wellbeing Centre!

Open+ allows you to access the library when there are no staff present. Open+ is a way of enabling you to access the library when there are no staff present, using the self-service technology already installed.

The times when you can access the library are as follows:

  • Monday – Friday 8am – 7pm
  • Saturday 10am – 4pm

The times when staff are present:

  • Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm
  • Saturday 10am – 4pm

How can I register for Open+?

If you want to be able to use the library during times when staff will not be present you need to register your library card with us. Only those customers who have registered their interest and been briefed by staff will be able to use the service.

To register we will ask you to provide us with proof of your name and address (e.g. a driving licence, utility bill, council tax bill etc.)

Please note: Under 16s are unable to register for open+, but are welcome to come in to the library during open+ hours if accompanied by a responsible adult who is registered.

How does it work?

You will need to scan the barcode on your library card and enter your PIN using the scanner and keypad near the front door. This will unlock the door and allow you to gain access. It is important that you always have your card with you otherwise you will not be able to get into the library.

When the library is unstaffed, the open+ system will control the lighting and the building alarm.

CCTV cameras are installed to ensure the safety and security of yourself, the books and the building.

Loudspeakers are also installed, to alert you when the library staff will be leaving and when the building will be closing for the day.

You will hear pre-recorded messages to let you know when staff are on site and when the library is due to close.

What can I do in Open+ mode?

  • You will be able to borrow, return and renew books and pay charges using the self-service machine.
  • You will be able to pick up and borrow reserved items which are waiting collection.
  • You will be able to use the People’s Network computers.
  • You will be able to print from the People’s Network computers
  • You will be able to use the Wi-Fi
  • You will be able to use the photocopier

What can I not do in Open+ mode?

  • Use the public toilet

Remember to take care of your library space while staff are away

  • Be mindful when entering and leaving the building. Don’t let anyone else enter without proper access.
  • The fire doors should only be used in the event of an emergency as these doors are alarmed.
  • Please protect your library card and PIN so no one else can use it – just like your bank card!
  • Please do not leave any device plugged in such as a mobile phone, laptop etc.

If you are in the library and feel worried or concerned about something please phone 0161 912 3189

By registering as an Open+ customer you agree to abide to these guidelines.

For more information, please speak to our library staff and volunteers.